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    About wisconsin Culture, education, scenery, customs, tourism

    In Wisconsin, the name comes from the Indian language, and its meaning is GrassyPlace.
    Wisconsin state capital is Madison, 300 thousand of the population. A horse of the University of Wisconsin Madison, founded in 1848, about six thousand students. In 1956, the number of students of the foundation of the ear close to twenty thousand.
    The state has two characteristics: first, the state of dairy cows. The state is full of undulating ground, growing grass, there are about two million dairy cattle.
    The state farms, 80% dairy farm animal husbandry. Cheese of milk, butter and cheese are produced every year in the States. Second, the paper states. The state of topography, climate and soil are suitable for reafforestation. Through decades of efforts, a large number of paper can be used to make paper.

    Milwaukee is the largest city and lake in the state of Wisconsin. Michigan Lake in the West Bank; population 628 thousand (1990)
    Before not to enter the gate, you already enjoying the Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee Art Museum of art works. When you arrive at a pedestrian bridge, you will see a 90 foot high glass wall of the reception hall and a stamped by iron and steel scale consisting of white cone, spreading their wings and extended at both ends of the more than 200 feet.
    It is located in downtown Milwaukee, Michigan lake, the huge mobile sculpture looks like it is going to fly seagull.

    Lake Superior in the southwest side of the coastal area, is one of America's most famous National Lakeshore resort, the establishment of in 1970, 69372 acre. By the 17th century Jesus will be named missionaries to commemorate the twelve apostles.

    Apostle Islands National Lakeshore by 21 island and nearby Bayfield peninsula a 19 km long strip, best known for historic lighthouse, sandstone sea caves, ancient forests and wildlife. The Lake District, with a total land area of 281 square kilometers, the waters of an area of about 1865 square kilometers, changing landscape, natural landscape magnificent,
    full of the beauty of nature.
    Apostle Islands National Lakeshore is paradise for a variety of wildlife, including white tailed deer, black bear, coyote, otter, beaver, bald eagles, Loon, cormorants, gulls and other.
    Islands National Lakeshore Apostle
    Reason: the United States the most attractive country in Hubin District

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